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“ ‘Body-fitting’ Orthopedic External Immobilization System” consists of two parts: high-polymer liquid material A and B and the flexible cloth mould which is designed according to the human engineering science. Utrum Medical holds intellectual property rights for both of them.


The high-polymer liquid material A and B are manufactured based on Utrum’s own chemical formula. Its row materials are produced into semi-raw material by outsourcing. Material A and B are packaged under the certain temperature and humidity, and then vacuum-sealed. Designed according to Human Engineering data and produced with unique sewing technology, the special medical fabric used for the flexible cloth mould is safe, breathable and allergy-free.


“ ‘Body-fitting’ Orthopedic External Immobilization System” is mainly used in the rigid immobilization of bone fracture and in the flexible immobilization of other bone diseases such as bone aging, osteoporosis, severe sprains, etc. It can fix all of the complicated body parts and satisfy the personalized need of special fracture immobilization in the developed regions of big and middle sized cities. With respect to plaster and polymer casting tape, our product leads the second technological revolution in the field of orthopedic external fixation, which avoids three major drawbacks of the above two products: not suitable for immobilizing the complicated body parts; non-personalized treatment; not ideal for children fracture fixation.

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