Our vision is reflected in the design of our LOGO


People in ancient times were convinced that the sky is evolved from a huge sapphire that is buried under the ground. Sapphire represents “loyalty, honor and unshakable sense of trust.” Utrum Medical uses a crystal sapphire as the company's LOGO, since it perfectly conveys our company's development philosophy: people-oriented, customer-focused and quality-first.


Sapphire color is specialized as “Kashmir blue”. Kashmir sapphire which shows a velvety sheen is the most beautiful and most valuable color, which can be defined as the most precious gem. From manufacture and team management to marketing and post-sales services, Utrum Medical has always insisted on our slogan “Dedicate to goodness, aspire after brilliance”. Our mission is to become the industry's leader. What we are doing and we are searching for are both in concert with the precious quality of sapphire, in Chinese "You" (excellence). *


The oval shape of company's LOGO represents “newborn”, which implies that Utrum Medical will embrace continuous innovation and bring a brilliant achievement for the human's medical development, in Chinese "Chuang" (creation). *


The powerful finishing touch of the LOGO, liking the strength of the gradually gathered team, symbolizes that the team's cohesion will help Utrum Medical live a brilliant future just as the incomparable sapphire splendor.


* Utrum Medical (in Chinese “You Chuang”优创)

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